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About Me

Eli | 21 | Sagittarios or however u spell it | genderfluid | white | bi

I'm a blonde bimbo, a nudist and a communist. may or may not be a vampire designed by Lisa Frank. I'm a coke drinker and my boobs are great.

I'm a cat person and a basketcase

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I'm Liquid...

Sometimes I feel though in passing I could be othes.

Occasionally I feel like a vessal for Peach, I have since I as really young. Sometimes Adrian.

I don't really understand terminology but this experiece isn't exactly 'kin.' I don't know if I'm delusional with occasional insight but they are not sepparate really from my presenting and internal identity. I don't really unerstand who I am. Don't start drama over it... I don't have the time..

(if you think you know what this could be please PM me, I feel very lost in translating it... I don't beleive it is a system like with DID.)


I love Barbie! Especially the 2000's movies.

Ask me about Princess Peach merch! I have a mental catalogue of it and an impressive (but split up between states) collection!

Same with vintage hello kitty ^.^

I also really love Britney Spears on a deeply personal level (as in respect + love as an inspirational role model + human being... not stan. I'm not a weirdo like that.)