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About Me

Eli | b.1998 | Sagittarios or however u spell it | genderfluid | white | bi

I'm a blonde bimbo, a nudist and a communist. may or may not be a vampire designed by Lisa Frank. I'm a coke drinker and my boobs are great.

I'm a cat person and a basketcase

(I'm not actually a kinnie I have DID and an inside joke lol plz read IDs)

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DID info

My main "headmates" are Liquid (who hates any term other than co-pilot), Roger, Peachy, Adrian and Barbara.

Peachy and Liquid are my oldest alters, I've been with Peachy since I was really little.

Important note about Liquid: the sepparation between "me" and "Liquid" is salami thin if it exists at all. we don't like the term 'introject' and 'fictive." 'I' make kin jokes sometimes but be assured; that IS who you are mostly going to be talking to. We exist as a whole person rather than sepparates and don't like questions on it much. We do occasionally speak 3rd person but this is something we hate. Be respectful or you'll catch us in a bad mood. Overall we understand the absurdity though.


I love Barbie! Especially the 2000's movies.

Ask me about Princess Peach merch! I have a mental catalogue of it and an impressive (but split up between states) collection!

Same with vintage hello kitty ^.^

I also really love Britney Spears on a deeply personal level (as in respect + love as an inspirational role model + human being... not stan. I'm not a weirdo like that.)